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Performance-Enhancing Corporate Counsel and Dynamic Legal Strategist

About Me

I have relocated to Ohio and I am actively seeking an In-House Corporate Counsel position in the Cleveland/Akron/Canton area. I am already licensed and fully prepared to handle your organization's legal and regulatory affairs in the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and West Virginia and I am eligible for speedy Corporate Counsel admission in Ohio.

Would your organization like to drastically REDUCE its spending on outside legal services? If so, we should speak soon!

I am an entrepreneurial attorney with a rock-solid track record of providing superior service and quantifiable results in both the public and private sectors. Having begun my career as a solo practitioner, I am accustomed to handling an extraordinarily heavy and diverse caseload while simultaneously addressing competing priorities under extreme deadline pressure. Managing complex litigation, managing outside counsel, data privacy/security, and serving as a primary point of contact and/or liaison between Senior Management, interdepartmental stakeholders, and external legal counsel are among my strongest skill sets and qualifications.

In addition to slashing spending on outside legal services, another one of my strong suits is my ability to develop and monetize innovative strategies in complex areas of law, business, insurance coverage & protection, and financial analysis.

Most importantly of all, my focus is on growing and protecting my client's physical, fiscal and financial resources!

I can be reached at 412-558-6671 for purposes of scheduling an exploratory conversation.

My Skills

  • Litigation Management
  • Major Claims and General Liability (Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Property Damage)
  • Insurance and Risk Management, Financial Protection and Maximizing Insurance Recovery
  • Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Compliance and Controls
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Employee Engagement Initiatives and Training
  • Business Negotiation
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My Education

The University of South Florida. Muma College of Business

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion In The Workplace


West Virginia University College of Law


Law Degree

Attended Law School on Multiple Scholarship and Fellowship Awards; Served as Justice (President) of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Opened a Private Law Practice Immediately Upon Graduation From Law School and Taught Business Law at Marshall University

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Here To Protect Your Organization From Legal Risk and Exposure





See "Success Stories" heading below for a few multi-million dollar highlights.



  • 1990 - 2020
    Trial Lawyer, Problem Solver, Litigation Manager and Expert Relationship Manager
    Allegheny Energy, Inc., Luttner Financial Group, LTD, and Miller Law Offices, PLLC
  • 2021 - Current
    James T. Boggs - Attorney, Legal Strategist and DEI Facilitator

My Success Stories

Landing The Federal Bureau of Investigation

When the Federal Bureau of Investigation (The FBI) decided to relocate its massive Global Fingerprint Identification Center from Washington, DC to Clarksburg, West Virginia, it shopped for an electric service provider for its huge electrical load [semi-classified]. The FBI considered area electric utility companies as well as gas companies who offered to provide the FBI dedicated on-site electrical generation capacity by building gas turbines. It was common knowledge that the FBI favored installing gas turbines. A competing electric service provider filed multiple formal complaints with the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) in an effort to steer the FBI’s decision away from my corporate electric utility client. ACTION - As FIRST CHAIR and sole litigation counsel for my corporate utility client, I prepared numerous marketing representatives, business executives, electrical engineers, management personnel, and field services employees for very contentious legal proceedings which lasted for over two years. Even after the FBI had made its decision to go with my client, the competing electric company filed two appeal petitions with the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state. RESULT – My client prevailed at the PSC level. The WV Supreme Court of Appeals in turn affirmed the PSC’s decision. BOTTOM LINE: ZERO dollars spent in outside counsel fees in this several-years-long highly contentious litigation. TENACITY!

Asbestos - Multi-Million Dollar Risk Avoidance

ASBESTOS LITIGATION – Early in my career with my electric utility company client, a handful of claims were filed against the company by non-employee contractors alleging that the company had negligently and/or intentionally exposed them to asbestos while they performed boilermaker and related services at the company's electric power generation stations. Initially, I handled these lawsuits MYSELF. However, after the number of plaintiffs grew from about 10 to more than 20, the decision was made to employ outside counsel. The number of plaintiffs ultimately grew to over 11,000. I continued to work closely and in conjunction with outside counsel and served as the liaison between outside counsel, the Senior Management team, the Risk Management , and excess insurers, in somewhat of a "translator" capacity. ACTION - My hands-on role in teaming up with outside counsel helped keep the company’s costs down. RESULT – As of the date of my departure from the company, the company’s inventory of remaining asbestos cases had been reduced from over 11,000 to approximately 800. Better yet, we resolved these cases on terms that were greatly more favorable than the terms achieved by similarly situated companies named as co-defendants in the litigation. BOTTOM LINE: In close conjunction with external counsel, I protected and shielded the company from HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in potential legal liability. VISION, VALUE and VOLUME!

Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) Case - $2 Million Recovery

CONTRACTOR OVERBILLING SCHEME – A very well-liked company employee/Project Supervisor aided three major construction contractors in padding invoices for major corporate building projects, knowing that his direct supervisor wasn’t paying attention. Over time, the employee's lifestyle choices, housing, vehicles, and attire changed very dramatically. Enjoying the very substantial spoils of the "kickback" scheme, the employee started making greater and greater demands upon the contractors whom he had given favorable treatment. ACTION - Working very closely with the company’s own highly skilled investigators and security team, which in part consisted of former Pennsylvania State Police investigators, the ruse was exposed. A Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) case was filed in Federal Court against the employee and certain of the contractors. The contractors ultimately settled. The company employee declined a plea deal and went to trial... unsuccessfully. He served a lengthy prison term. RESULT - My participation in conjunction with outside counsel allowed the company to recover more than $2 million from the contractors and helped control the company's costs expended in the litigation. INVESTIGATION, COLLABORATION and COLLECTION!

Kudos From General Counsel - Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Recovery

INSURANCE RECOVERY PROJECT – As a result of the aforesaid asbestos litigation, my corporate electric utility client pursued recovery of its settlement amounts from its historic insurers. ACTION – The company hired a well-known national law firm that specializes in INTERNATIONAL insurance recovery. I worked directly with that firm’s lawyers to obtain recovery of sums paid out by our client. I also traveled to London, England for a contentious battle with “the London Syndicate.” RESULT – As of the date of my departure from the company in 2007, the Company had actually obtained in excess of $20 million… My hands-on role in this litigation kept the Company’s legal costs and expenses down. It is important to note that my Company's General Counsel referred to this highly successful settlement as being “One of the Company’s biggest profit centers.” BOTTOM LINE: COLLABORATION and COLLECTION!

Multi-Million Dollar New Business Development

NEW BUSINESS TASK FORCE [Example of Team Leadership, Workforce Development and Rank-ordering Competing Priorities] – In an era of growing competition and in the pre-ENRON “brave new world” days of deregulation of the electric industry, my electric utility company client's Senior Management team made the monumental decision to explore business opportunities outside of the company’s core electric utility business. I was selected by the parent company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer as ONE OF ONLY FOUR employees company-wide (out of about 5,000) employees to service on a team charged with brainstorming and conducting extensive and confidential business logistics analysis and business research to potentially create non-core non-regulated business units. ACTION – Although my chief responsibilities as Senior Attorney were neither reduced nor reassigned, I successfully compartmentalized and prioritized multiple tasks, reporting relationships, confidential business information (information that could not even share with my boss), court deadlines, hearing dates, and other workload responsibilities in order to help the team bring several key workforce development initiatives and business projects to fruition. RESULT – Several non-regulated, non-core businesses were created, including a non-regulated electric generation unit, a telecom subsidiary, and numerous other energy-related services. BOTTOM LINE: VISIONARY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RESULTING IN TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN "NEW MONEY."

Multi-Million Dollar Risk Avoidance in a Case Involving 12 Deaths

SAGO Mine Disaster – In 2006, a West Virginia coal mine exploded, trapping 13 and ultimately killing 12 coal miners; The sole survivor of the blast was left severely debilitated. The mine operator implicated my electric utility client rather than its own equipment as the source of an “electrical accident.” There was a massive federal investigation. The company faced potentially HUNDREDS of millions of dollars in legal liability, because electric utilities, quite understandably, are held to an extraordinarily high duty of care. ACTION – I assembled a team of electrical engineers, utility linemen, business unit leaders and managers, and field services personnel to investigate the situation and I, as First Chair and SOLE counsel, guided and oversaw their cooperation with federal authorities and officials. I PERSONALLY coordinated the release of business records to fortify the company’s position. RESULT – The company was totally absolved by federal and state agencies. ZERO dollars were spent on outside legal services. BOTTOM LINE: HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN POTENTIAL LEGAL LIABILTY... AVOIDED! STRATEGIC VISION!

Multi-Million Dollar Risk Avoidance - Electrocution Death. Astoundingly Low Settlement Amount

WRONGFUL DEATH CASE [Example of Negotiation Skills] – My electric utility client was sued for an alleged violation of the National Electric Safety Code when a roofer showed up to a job site and came into contact with an energized power line that allegedly “out of code” and "too close to the building" the roofer was working on. There were no eyewitnesses to the accident, but there were indeed electrical burns on the roofer’s body when he was found on the ground. NOTE: Electrical contact cases are usually “open & shut cases” on the issue of liability. ...They're considered "unwinnable" from the company's perspective. The decedent’s legal counsel in this case was a member of a well-known and highly respected firm that specializes in handling injury and wrongful death cases. ACTION – My research of varying sections and interpretations of applicable but in many respects competing safety codes as well as information gleaned from my own investigation and my interviews with company’s linemen created some doubt with regard to liability and timing. NOTE: Since this was a death case, the company made the decision internally to hire a firm that had expertise in handling electrocution death cases, just in case. HOWEVER, the firm would stay in the background until called upon to make a formal appearance. RESULT – Before the company's outside firm made its formal appearance in the case, I negotiated a settlement to resolve the case ON MY OWN for a mere $60,000, totally eliminating the risk of loss of potential tens if not HUNDREDS of millions of dollars at trial, and I ELIMINATED the costs associated with litigation. The trial costs alone would have likely have been greatly in excess of $100,000, irrespective of any potential multi-million dollar jury award. I settled the case on behalf of the company with no admission of liability. The company’s “on deck” outside counsel told me that they were "shocked." There was no fee for the firm. BOTTOM LINE: TENS IF NOT HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN POTENTIAL LEGAL LIABILITY... AVOIDED! NOTE: To further illustrate the true nature of the RISK involved with taking such a case to trial, a more recent electrocution case resulted in a JURY VERDICT of $109,000,000 (later reduced to $105,000,000) AND a substantial fine by the relevant Public Utility Commission. Clearly, BY COMPARISON, my $60,000 settlement in a similar case was an exceptionally favorable result.

Multi-Million Dollar Risk Avoidance - House Fire. Kudos For Trial Skills. Zero Legal Fees

HOUSE FIRE TRIAL – It was alleged that faulty equipment and negligence on the part of my electric utility client led to the total destruction of a doctor’s country estate... his second home. Plaintiff’s expert was a highly esteemed professor of electrical engineering from a prestigious "Public Ivy" university in Pittsburgh, PA. I selected as company's expert a gentleman from northeastern Ohio who had no advanced engineering degrees, but decades of hands-on experience as an electrician and as a fire investigator. Including punitive damages, the plaintiff sought $1 million. The trial by jury lasted an entire week. ACTION – I used the strategy of using the plaintiff’s OWN exhibits and his experts’ OWN blanket statements against him. I also used my OWN common sense equation... “science versus common sense times distance” (S v. CS x D). The plaintiff and his experts failed to convince the jury of fault on the part of my electric utility client. The company's expert's use of a simple electron microscope and enlarged copies of the plaintiff's own photos won the day. RESULT – The jury found in favor of my client and the case was dismissed. Another corporate utility client co-defendant had already "bought its way out of the case" (settled). My client paid ZERO dollars in outside counsel fees. SPECIAL NOTE: A few days after the week-long jury trial, my boss informed me that he had received a phone call from the Circuit Clerk of the remote County where the trial had taken place; The Circuit Clerk reported to my boss, whom he had never met, that my trial presentation skills were the BEST that he had observed in any of the dozens of jury trials that he had watched in that county through the years. BOTTOM LINE: DEFENSE VERDICT. ZERO DOLLARS PAID IN OUTSIDE COUNSEL FEES.

Kudos From the CEO. Corporate Employee Engagement Initiative

Led Six Sigma project teams and initiatives designed to transform the company into a High Performance Organization (HPO); Spearheaded a dramatic positive shift in Legal and Claims Department employees’ perceptions of their value to the organization; Commended by Allegheny’s Chairman & CEO for "driving the highest and fastest rate of employee engagement company-wide, regardless of department and/or location" within the Company's five-state service territory. BOTTOM LINE: TRUSTED ADVISOR AND RELATIONSHIP MANAGER.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives - Past and Ongoing

Served as one the six original members of Allegheny Energy's "Diversity Implementation Task Force." Allegheny had approximately 5,000 employees at the time, but a relatively small minority population in its five-state service territory. Served as the presenter of a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminar before an audience of hundreds of attorneys at the Annual Meeting of The West Virginia State Bar. Topic: "The Business Case For Diversity In Corporate America." Served on the West Virginia State Bar's "Task Force For Gender Fairness In The Court System." Appointed by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice, The Honorable Margaret Workman; Served with future West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice, The Honorable Larry V. Starcher. Served as a featured panelist in a multistate ZOOM conference entitled "Heart To Heart Discussions On Race In America in October 2020. Scheduled to present additional DEI-related programs. "Diversity Ambassador" for the City of Green, Ohio. Obtained a "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion In The Workplace" Certificate Program Through The University of South Florida's Muma College of Business. See credly.com/users/JamesTBoggs. Member of the Talent Management and Inclusion Committee for the City of Green, Ohio.

Workforce Development, Institutional Advancement and Educational Affairs Leadership

Served on numerous mission-critical project teams and major business development initiatives at Allegheny Energy, often serving as Project Manager, using the Six Sigma methodology. Examples: New Business Task Force, Sarbanes-Oxley Implementation Team, Claims Department Database Overhaul/Replacement, Diversity Implementation Task Force, High-Performance Organization (HPO) transformation team. Served as an Adjunct Faculty member within The College of Business at Marshall University. Subject matter: Business Law. Served as "Attorney For Students" at Marshall University. Issues: Landlord/Tenant and miscellaneous civil matters. Served on the Board of Directors of the Marshall University Alumni Association. Life Member of the West Virginia University Alumni Association. Seven-year Member of the Board of Trustees of Westmoreland County (PA) Community College; Served as Board Secretary and Chair of the Educational Affairs Committee; Also served as a member of the Workforce Development Committee, the Personnel Committee and the Audits Committee. See www.westmoreland.edu. Served on the Board of the Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library. See www.ghal.org.

$10 Million Worth of Guaranteed Financial Protection

Based upon friendship, trust, and professional respect, I obtained a meeting with a former co-worker, “John Doe,” who had moved on from being an electrical engineer to become one of four Principals in a non-regulated energy trading business; “John Doe's” salary quickly expanded many times over, but his financial profile was still subject to market risk, investment risk, volatility, etc. ACTION - Although “John Doe” already had long-time relationships with financial advisors with national firms and estate planning attorneys and legal advisors with well-known local firms, based upon his trust in my abilities as an attorney and as a trusted advisor, and also based on our friendship and my professional reputation, he not only “let me in,” he followed my recommendations and switched advisors to the team I assembled. RESULT – I was solely responsible for bringing “John Doe” to the table, and I helped design a plan that created substantially more wealth for him and his family, locked in better protection of that wealth, reduced his exposure to market conditions and volatility, substantially reduced risk, built in to his financial plan certain guarantees that he previously did not have, created a virtually bullet-proof estate plan, designed a plan for his long-term care, and put him in a position to leave a very substantial legacy to his family without reducing his ability to fully enjoy his wealth in retirement. “John Doe” became a raving fan and he recommended me to the other three principals at his firm, one of whom also became a highly satisfied client. Value added to “John Doe” was approximately $10 million. BOTTOM LINE: MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF VALUE ADDED. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. CUSTOMER AMAZEMENT.

Growing and Protecting A Family's Wealth By $100K+

Three adult siblings who had barely spoken to each other over a period of several years sought counsel with regard to an oil and gas lease that they felt severely limited their rights and which failed to deliver upon promises contained therein. Other oil and gas companies had begun to approach the siblings promising better deals. Upon my review, it was apparent that the deals being offered by the “replacement companies” were only slightly better than the deal that siblings already had in hand, and the “new deals” still failed to protect them in the event of litigation. The “replacement companies” attempted to convince the siblings that going through a lawyer would only take money out of their own pockets. What the companies failed to explain to the siblings was the fact that their “deals” would require the siblings to relinquish all of their oil, gas and other mineral rights (Marcellus level and otherwise) all the way to the center of the earth for a period of not less than 5 years, with an option for the company(ies) to have the right of first refusal to automatically renew for an additional five year term without any increase in lease payment and/or royalty payment to the siblings. ACTION - Located an oil and gas company that doubled the “going rate” for oil and gas leases and royalties in the region where the siblings own acreage ($3,000 per net mineral acre as opposed to $1500 per net mineral acre). More importantly, I structured the new leases in such a way as to give the oil and gas company extraction rights for Marcellus level gas ONLY, thereby permitting the siblings to sign additional leases for other shale gas formations should they so desire; Also built “litigation protection” into the arrangement, whereby the firm would defend them if the previous lease holder would file suit against them for alleged breach of the prior contract. RESULT - The sibling signed new leases and are very happy with the lease payments and royalty payments. Even after legal fees, the siblings will recognize a substantially higher financial recovery, will have built-in litigation protection, and will retain the right and the flexibility to enter into additional leases for non-Marcellus formations. In essence, they have MULTIPLIED their recoveries many times over. Considering that they own a combined 150 acres (times $3,500 per net mineral acre), even after legal fees, they are now in a position to recognize HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in ADDED VALUE during the lease term without giving up their rights to lease other layers and strata. The siblings have stated that they will direct their friends and neighbors to contact the firm. Better yet, they have vowed to renew their sibling relationship. My "Lawyer As Family Counselor" role came into play here. BOTTOM LINE: RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT + PROTECTION AGAINST FINANCIAL LOSS.

Invitation To Appear On "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

Fresh out of law school, I was a criminal defense attorney; I handled a wide variety of Court-appointed criminal cases and juvenile delinquency cases on a DAILY basis. One of my early clients received quite a bit of notoriety after becoming one of the very first people in America to be jailed for failing (actually refusing) to require her daughter to attend school in accordance with a somewhat archaic statute. I received a call from a producer of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," inviting my client and me to appear on an upcoming episode of the show regarding "Actions of children that lead to severe implications for parents." Although I was able to get my client released from jail in less than 48 hours, she turned down the invitation to appear on the show. The situation, however, received lots of local media attention. Soon thereafter, courts in other states started enforcing similar statutes.

My Resume